Easily Manage Resources with Google Cloud Deployment Manager | Google Cloud Labs

Easily Manage Resources with Google Cloud Deployment Manager | Google Cloud Labs


Deployment Manager

There Heather here and hello again from me Priyanka a customer engineer here at Google on today’s episode

we’ll be discussing deployment manager as our customers use the cloud in bigger ways it’s becoming increasingly important

to simplify cloud management deployment manager is an infrastructure deployment service

that automates the creation and management of Google cloud platform resources that’s right and will also run through

a quick demo of the self-paced lab, or will use deployment manager to create a simple configuration file

use that file to create a deployment then view the deployment information

on a manifest so let’s walk through how deployment manager helps simplify cloud management

I like to think of deployment manager as a cookbook combining all the recipes into one place exactly and think of each resource as a recipe I like the fact

that deployment manager supports a repeatable deployment process by creating configuration files which define

the resources the process can be repeated over and over with consistent results and keep in mind declarative language

can be used in creating those configuration files I can say exactly what I want the configuration to be and

I just let the system figure out what steps to take absolutely configurations can get really complex a basic configuration file

might be enough for simple was close but for more complex architectures and configurations that you plan

to reuse you can break your configuration into templates allow you to separate your configuration

out into different pieces that you can reuse across different deployments deployment manager

allows you to easily deploy systems in a variety of locations

and provides the control needed to easily roll out new services it also gives you the flexibility to deploy several

versions of your code simultaneously it also allows you to change a deployment

by adding or removing resources and updating properties of existing resources quick laps time

in this lab you will use the g-cloud command line tool to create a simple

configuration file use that file to create a deployment then view deployment information in a manifest you can check out

the link to start the quick lab here keep in mind that this will take about 30 minutes to complete so far in the lab you’ve

created a configuration you’ve specified some values in the VM gamma file such as your project ID and the VM image

to deploy to deploy the configuration you run this g-cloud command you will see the status of your configuration

while it’s being deployed upon completion you will see the state change to complete you can then view information

about the deployment by running the describe command using the manifest ID output in the last command you can see your deployments

manifest well there we have it let us know how you use deployment manager don’t forget to keep visiting

our on-air webinar series our Quick labs and our blogs all the links are below you can also learn more

about deployment manager through our on-demand courses

on Coursera thanks for watching and we’ll see you soon see you check out our last episode where we take a look at stock driver

we meet with Morgan the product manager to discuss monitoring error reporting and debugging

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