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Where to App Developers Deploy Their Apps? [Infographic]

Zend released an interesting infographic about the Developers and the App Economy. Zend surveyed almost 5,000 developers to investigate some of the key factors that affect the ability of companies to deliver these kinds of customer engagement applications. Thanks to the massive adoption of smartphones and the general consumerization of IT, we now live in an “App Economy”, where applications have become the new face of a business to customers, employees and partners.

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It is true that Apps have become more and more popular now that smartphones and other mobile devices running on iOS and Android have become exponentially popular. According to Zend Developer Pulse, back in 2012, out of the 5,000 app developers they have surveyed only 66% where working on mobile applications. But now on 2013, the percentage increased to 91%, meaning almost all of the developers are making mobile apps these days.

Everyday, there might be hundreds of of apps being published. And where do you think will the developers put their apps before reaching our smartphones and mobile devices? According to the Zend’s survey, a large and growing number of developers indicated they intend to deploy their apps to the Cloud. 68% of the developers are already working on Public Cloud.

There are a lot of Cloud Service provider out there offering some rock solid and secure Public Cloud hosting. Find out in Zend’s infographic below, which Public Cloud do these developers intend to use for their apps in 2013:

Where to App Developers Deploy Their Apps


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