Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Introduction to Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing


learn here lead anywhere hi everyone today we are going to learn about cloud computing with Microsoft Azure

so without any further ado let’s take a look at the agenda for today what is cloud why, Microsoft Azure

and what is Microsoft Azure so what is cloud it is the use of remote servers on the internet to store

manage and process data rather than your personal computer so let’s take a peek at the benefits of cloud computing

that is why you guys are learning about cloud computing first

cloud computing is very cost efficient it eliminates the capital expenses of buying setting up

and running the on-site data centers second is a global scale which is the ability to scale elastically and deliver

the right amount of IT resources right when it’s needed and from the right geographic location third

comes the performance it helps in reduced Network latency for application and greater economics

of scale by regular up gradation of hardware and data centers fourth is the speed at which provision

of resources through self-service and on-demand enable flexibility and depressurized capacity planning

the next benefit is productivity the need for ranking and stacking is removed and also let’s do a theme

spend time on more important business goals the last benefit is reliability it performs data backup

disaster recovery and also makes business continuity easier and less expensive now that we have seen the benefits

of cloud computing let’s have a look at the cloud deployment model this image clearly explains

the model energized so there are four types of cloud private cloud public cloud community cloud and hybrid cloud

out of all these clouds, the private and public clouds are more widely used now that we know

what cloud is let’s now move to why we use Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure is very

user-friendly it has made significant advances over the past few years and also offers a set

of features and capabilities far surprising its competitors now let’s take a quick look at our main new topic

for today what is Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services which developers

and IT professionals use to build deploy and manage applications in this video you have learned about

what is cloud why do we use Microsoft Azure and

what is Microsoft Azure I hope you had fun learning these new topics today see you again with more about these topics in class?

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