Making Money with the Cloud – AWS, Azure, Google

Making Money with the Cloud – AWS, Azure, Google


Making Money with the Cloud; You know what’s going on,

I am talking to you guys about the cloud so what is the cloud. I’m sure you’ve all heard of

the cloud before it’s that great mysterious thing out in the World Wide Web the cloud is essentially

servers or server that you may have that is hosted elsewhere where you can run applications from

or you could do your storage from your sequel databases a lot of things can happen in the cloud you can have

your entire environment hosted in the cloud Active Directory you user management and all that fun stuff

can all be out in the cloud hosted on a server in another location that is not your own so that’s a really cool feature

of the cloud is that you could basically have your entire infrastructure out in

the cloud, hosted elsewhere you will access all of your apps your programs your systems remotely

essentially you you’re hitting up whatever space in the cloud that you have purchased bought rented

whatever that case may be that’s a very broad – an easy way to describe the cloud

if you guys really want more information on the cloud hit up another YouTube video

do your googling and get a nice really defined example of what the cloud is because that’s not what

we’re here talking about today today we are actually talking about AWS as you are in

Google cloud platform that’s what we’re talking about these are all cloud platforms essentially

AWS is Amazon Azure is Microsoft and then Google that’s obviously one right there these are

all essentially cloud services you can host your entire infrastructure there

your applications they have many different features that they-they each offer but they’re

all pretty much the same in regards to what you’re able to do with them Azure is probably gonna

be my favorite if you will because it’s Microsoft right and everybody loves Microsoft Microsoft

great right not exactly but microcell does have a little big stronghold on of the IT market right now

and they’re going to for a long time but the fact that you’re able to actually have your

Active Directory out there your group policy having your whole entire infrastructure there is

really really nice and they could do that with the other ones but just being a Microsoft product

really should make it tie in really nice together and be very usable AWS of course Amazon Amazon Web Services is one of the biggest it’s probably the biggest

one out there that’s utilized and everybody loves it I mean you can you can still do everything

that you would do on as you or Google cloud platform and it’s great it functions fantastic

and of course it’s Amazon so they’re a multi-billion dollar company who can put

multi-billions of dollars into the platforms that they are building that they are offering etc so

AWS again you can have your sequel databases out there you can host your applications their

storage whatever the case may be you can purchase an AWS cloud solution and start sending

your apps or programs whatever whatever you’re trying to do to utilize the cloud that’s what

you could use utilize AWS Azure or Google cloud platform for Google cloud platform there are lots of

people who of course use the Google cloud platform Google is great everybody loves Google

I love Google maybe you love Google maybe you don’t but the Google cloud platform another

one your sequel databases whatever type of server management that you’re looking for that’s what

they offer and speaking of server management all of these platforms have a solution where they

manage your servers for you do the updates make sure that everything’s running properly as far

as a server goes as far as the hardware and all that stuff and everything related to how your server

is performing they manage that for you. you don’t have to manage that so you don’t necessarily

have to have a system in the system has been a system administrator who is keeping an eye

on that stuff for you.  you know you could still kind of monitor that stuff and if you see here’s something

quirky that they don’t notice well then you just get a hold of them and say hey I’m really noticing something

on my ATO the AWS server can you take a look at it probably they already know if it’s something

that’s really really bad but if they don’t you can obviously give them a call and then get that taken

care of but I think that’s one of the great features of these cloud platforms is that they will manage

your server for you your cloud server so why am I talking about the cloud today why did I touch base on AWS and Azure

and Google well the thing is is everybody is starting to go to the cloud everybody enjoys the cloud

everybody thinks the cloud is the solution to all solutions nowadays and if you guys are looking for

a career in IT and you’re not quite sure which way to go strongly suggest that you guys look into cloud services

you can get AWS certifications

there are as your cert MCSA mcse they have they have a lot of things

that are tied into those certifications with Azure cloud with the cloud platform that they have

I offer a Google even offers a Google cloud certification so all of these have some type of certification

that you can get to be an expert in one of these platforms so depending on which way you want to go here’s options and some of these jobs to pay a lot of money

if you can get like the AWS architects certification you’re gonna be golden as far as money

is concerned and then of course MCSE with Azure and then the Google certification so again lots

of certifications out there lots of businesses are going to the cloud because it makes more sense and

why does it make more sense well it makes more sense because of the fact that they will manage these

servers for you right it’s fairly affordable but you don’t have to worry about upgrading your servers

or anything like that if you have more capacity needs for sequel or applications something like that

you can always upgrade through one of these platforms right if you don’t have to upgrade your hardware

you don’t have to do that because it’s all in their cloud right and it’s great it’s fantastic the way that

this this structure works by the AWS and Azure and Google offer these services the way that you can upgrade them

the way that they are managed so you don’t have to manage them is really really

nice the point of this video is to tell you guys go out start looking into the cloud start taking the time to

really look at what cloud services are out there what businesses may be around you are starting to

go towards the cloud because that could really help push you in the right direction to get certified

in one of these cloud platforms so if you guys want to be an expert and one of these platforms

go out hit up one of those certifications and see what you can do so that’s all I got for today’s video is really

just touching on this stuff if you guys have any comments questions concerns hit me up in the comments

below I’d be glad to answer you as soon as I possibly can that’s all I got for you guys today as always take it

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